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Hi FCR members and players

Due to the recent rent increase and the decrease in regular players, we have only been able to secure 3 courts on most of our game days.  We have a few Fridays that we booked the full gym. Those weeks we have another group of players that would share the cost and the use of 2 courts.  As many of you are aware that we really need more regular players; therefore, we would need all of your help to promote the club to your friends and family that are intermediate players and love the sport like us.

We are also working on upgrading our website so that it will have up-to-date features that allow on line drop in booking.  If you notice any issue or broken links on the website, please let me know.  I really appreciate all of your support

FCR will continue to offer discount to young badminton enthusiasts who are between age 12 -16 to join, provided they come with their parent or they demonstrate ability to play in a level with our average players.

As for the supply of feather shuttles we continue to source good quality feather shuttles that provide both affordability and durability.

As mentioned in the last news update, our club web access is now FCRBADMINTON.COM.  

We will bring in some badminton supplies at the end of year and if anyone is interested in getting badminton supplies, please write to Gladys.

New session renewal emails have been sent out. Enrollment to this new session is in the process and any unfilled spots will be opened for the public. Currently we have membership spots available for new players.

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