FCR Badminton League (FCRBL)

By Gladys

FCR Badminton League is a competitive league hosted by Alan Chang and Gladys Leung every Wednesday at Sunridge Badminton Centre (SBC). Address is 401-33 street  NE Calgary. This is an independent league which is opened for all FCR members and non-member players. Players that sign up will either be a drop-in player or a prepaid member of the league for the duration of the indicated league session (20 to 25 weeks).   Please review all rules and regulations below before joining this league.   For detailed League information or reservation for league drop-in spots, please contact Alan Chang at fcrcalgary@gmail.com. Or visit FCR Badminton League website.

Remarks:FCRBL members or players do not hold a membership of FCR Badminton Club, nor will it benefit from or be covered by FCRBC’s insurance and privileges. Participants of this league will be required to sign a waiver form on the first day of the league play which will free FCR Badminton Club (FCRBC), FCR Badminton League (FCRBL) and it’s players from any form of claims due to injuries, damages and losses. Players are participating at this event at your own risk.
FCR Badminton League     (FCRBL)

Date: every Wednesdays (20 sessions)

  • Time : 8.00pm to 10.00pm
  • Courts :  4 – 6 Courts
  • League Players: average 30-42

FCRBL Management Team :

Rules :

  1. Seasonal/Prepaid Pass
    • Registration of FCRL Seasonal Pass will be posted on our FCR Badminton League website.
    • Fee for Seasonal Pass is set at $200.00 for 20 sessions/ $255 for 25 sessions
    • Members who can’t make it for any particular week, he/she should inform FCRBL Management a.s.a.p. via email, txt msg or by  phone.
    • Refund Policy :
      • 100% refundable before first meeting.
      • 90% refundable before second meeting.
      • 0% refundable after second meeting.
  2. To Register
    • Please submit your full payment in CASH /Paypal/ cheque / E-transfer along with your full name and contact phone number to us.  Payment not received before the league matches start will automatically forfeit their seasonal pass to the next person on the waiting list.
    • Please make cheque payable to FCR Badminton Club.
    • Members who wish to pay earlier to secure a spot can drop off your payment to Gladys or Alan at Sunridge Badminton Centre (SBC) every Wednesday evenings.
  3. Drop-Ins
    • Non-prepaid players can sign up for drop-in spot via email to be on the waiting list.
    • Drop in fee is set for $12 per visit payable upon arrival at the Sunridge Badminton Centre at 8.00pm on Wednesday before the league match.
    • If drop-in spot is available 24 hours prior to the start of the next league session, the spot will be automatically assigned to the next player on the waiting list. First-come-first-serve.
    • Drop in spots are not transferable.
    • Drop in notification emails will be sent out every Sunday evening.   Confirmation of your acceptance is required to secure your spot.

4.          Attendance

    • League matches will start exactly at 8.15pm. Any player who arrives later than 8.15pm without any notice will be considered absent from that session’s league matches.
    • Please contact Alan @ 403-918-2541 if he/she is going to be late.
    • If a player is considered as an absentee of the ladder match, he/she will not be able to play until the courts are no longer needed for the ladder matches.

5.            Ladder Match Scoring System

    • Players who miss 5 sessions in a row will be considered as inactive (will be removed from ranking table and will start from the last spot if he/she decides to return).
    • For the winner of the group, he/she will be promoted to the 3rd place of the upper group.
    • For the loser of the group, he/she will be demoted to the 1st place of the lower group.
    • Details of ranking calculation can be explained upon request.
    • League result will be sent out via email to all participants (including drop ins players).
    • Feather shuttles will be provided at start of all ladders matches.

6.            Prizes

    • 1st Place Male – Cash Prize
    • Play for Prizes, average 10 prizes to winning teams.

League Results:

League results will be posted on our  FCR Badminton League website weekly.