About our Club

By Gladys

Welcome badminton players.

FCR Badminton Club was founded in 2005 by a group of 32 Calgary badminton players.  We meet at MidSun Community Centre every Friday evening.  Playing Schedule is posted on the Calendar.  Our membership is renewed every 6 months (September – February, March – August). Check our blog regularly for Membership renewal notice. Priority of renewal goes first to the existing members.  Any unfilled vacant membership will then be offered to players on our waiting list.  Here are a few facts about our club. For newcomers to our club, please send us an email www.fcrnsa@hotmail.com for more details.

  • Introduced Drop-in email reservation system.
  • Accept Cash / E-transfer / Paypal as drop in payment.
  • Year round badminton, meets on Fridays at Mid Sun Community Centre, Calgary,  Alberta.
  • For information about FCR Badminton League that meets on Wednesdays, click the menu for more information.
  • Generally there are on average 22 sessions included in each 6 months of membership.
  • Owns our own badminton nets and one  Knight Trainer (one of the few in Calgary)
  • Our Web address: fcrnsa@wordpress.com. NEW website address:www.fcrbadminton.com
  • Co-hosted FCR Badminton League for competitive players at Sunridge Badminton Centre. Open for public. Meets every Wednesday.
  • Annual events for members: Club Dinner, Draws, Club apparels, Family nights, tournaments ,subsidized tournaments and lessons, BBQ day.
  • Management run by club members.
  • Feather and Nylon Shuttles are provided.
  • Double Plays only with Rally Point Scoring (21) System.
  • Supports and helps to promote badminton. Free listing for local badminton tournaments.
  • Adults Club * with intermediate level of play
  • Club Member of Badminton Alberta.

A club member pledge:

  • Be enthusiastic about playing badminton in our club
  • Check the club blog regularly for updated information
  • Report absence ahead of time when you can’t attend a session
  • Help set up and clean up the facility (nets) before and after the game
  • Come to play often
  • Be courteous to players (both members and drop-ins)
  1. manjeet rehill says:

    how can I join badminton membership and what is month/yearly membership amount?

  2. We play Friday at Midsun Community Centre. We supply plastic shuttles and feather shuttles. We also play on Wednesday at Sunridge Badminton Centre (8pm-10pm).

  3. Dat says:

    My name is Dat Tran. Can I drop in this friday? thanks.