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FCR membership  2017-months session starts on Friday September 2  2017. Adult membership fee for the 6 months is $220. Junior 12-17 is $190. Individual  drop in fees is $12.. We do have limited unfilled spots for membership and please contact Gladys if you have friends or family members interested in joining us.    We have gone through a very busy year where we have to limit the number of requests for drop in spots. Please reserve drop in spots as soon as you can. First come first serve.   If you have any comments or suggestions about our club, please feel free to write to us.

New session starts on 9:00pm Friday March 3/17 , ends on Aug 31/17

Total Up-to-date members
Members with priority to renew:

  1. Stuart M
  2. Jessica Y
  3. Ben
  4. Gladys L
  5. Lokesh
  6. Joe W
  7. Milan G
  8. Wen Zhao

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